“Torquemada” and “A Bloodless Thing” in Frost Meadow Review

I’m honored to have two poems in the new Frost Meadow Review. “Torquemada,” which received the Editor’s Choice Award, is on p. 9. “A Bloodless Thing” is on p. 49. Many thanks to editor Emily JT Matthews, who created this free online edition of her wonderful print journal to keep it going during the pandemic. It’s filled with beautiful and vital poetry and art.


“Who’s Your Girl?” in The Ekphrastic Review

One of my mother’s many arts was the art of dressing. She loved clothes, creating ensembles, and Project Runway. Gustav Klimt was one of her favorite artists. I’m happy to have my poem “Who’s Your Girl?” included in The Ekphrastic Review. Many thanks to editor Lorette C. Luzajic!