The Beauty of Print

There’s something special about print poetry journals. In a world dominated by screens and clicks, holding a physical object in my hands and reading from it feels grounding and nourishing. Publishing print journals has always been challenging, and it’s more challenging now than ever with dramatically increased paper costs. So, I’m especially appreciative to have my work included in two fine print journals recently. San Pedro River Review, based in California, has been publishing poetry for 14 years. “Flammable” is my third appearance in SPRR. Frost Meadow Review has been publishing in Maine for 5 years. “Stargazers” and “Widow’s Weeds” mark my fourth appearance in FMR. I appreciate these wonderful print journals’ support over the years. Thank you!

One thought on “The Beauty of Print

  1. The fall 2022 issue of San Pedro River Review, which includes my poem “Flammable” and the work of many other gifted poets, is available here:

    The spring/summer 2022 issue of Frost Meadow Review, which includes my poems “Stargazers” and “Widow’s Weeds,” is filled with wonderful poetry. You can purchase it here:

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